The English Language is a life skill. It is the first language component for the exams and the language of negotiations, persuasion, sales, and marketing: our curriculum is tailored to ensure that our students – notwithstanding their level of study – master these skills for life.

Core Programme: English Language and Literature

Words Worth offers English Language and Literature programmes catering to both the local school system as well as international programmes like the IB and IGCSE candidates.

We adopt a Spiral Curriculum framework, which means that teaching and learning occurs on a thematic level. We pride ourselves in being ahead of the curve as purposeful language with various thematic ideas has now been encouraged in the new 2020 MOE EL syllabus. While other institutions might focus on various (often disjointed) themes as students venture further up the ladder, we ensure that knowledge is acquired progressively, and students that stay with us benefit the most from this schema.

Secondary Programme & GCE ‘O’ Level

Our thematic-based curriculum is aimed to build general knowledge and content that can be translated to the syllabus requirements so that students use metacognitive strategies to engage with multiliteracies and multimodal texts. Students will be prompted to engage their own thoughts and ideas which will advance their command of the English Language. Our students are exposed to concepts and skills that will evoke critical thinking to identify the vocabulary and various tones to use in their essays and daily lives.

Junior College / GCE ‘A’ Level

This curriculum is designed to allow students to be equipped with the necessary skills to answer Application Questions, as well as write sophisticated essays through exposing them to themes and ideas that they can develop independently.

International Baccalaureate (IB) and International General Certificate of Secondary Education (IGCSE)

We encourage our IB and IGCSE students to interact with their texts to appreciate and understand how the language is constructed and developed. A thematic approach is also adopted to break down the concepts, as well as devour the core of the text.  We urge our students to think critically and creatively through prompting study questions that guide our students to key concepts of the text, while at the same time allowing them the artistic freedom to explore thoughts of their own.

Special Programmes (Upon Request)

ESL Learners and Overseas Students: Preparation for Special Entrance Exams

We believe that learning is a lifelong process, and the English Language can be mastered and appreciated at any age, if one acquires the right kind of help. Besides the prperations for entrance exams such as IELTS, SAT, AEIS etc we offer specific, targeted classes for individuals from particular societies and/or communities who do not speak or write English as their first language. Our one-on-one and group classes expound on skills that are tailored to the various industries that our students live and work in. Lessons on speaking include pronunciation, the building of a vocabulary bank and general public speaking skills, while those on writing address emails, proposals, and reports. We aim to provide a holistic learning environment where students may grasp any other form of speaking and writing deliveries within the English Language.

DSA Interview Preparation

Words Worth offers programmes that train students for their DSA interviews – arguably the most important component in this process. Our educators tailor the interview skills based on the respective, and unique backgrounds of each potential school. It is important that our students are set apart from other candidates, and we ensure that they can successfully sell themselves based on confidence and an acute sense of motivation.