We believe in a blended approach. This means that the curriculum is cumulative, and students that stay with us in the long run will be equipped with a canon of knowledge and skills that are built upon each academic year. While ensuring such a holistic approach, all our materials are also specially developed and customized for each level. Words Worth uses the 2010 MOE Syllabus as our guide for materials preparation. Some of our strategies for honing English Language skills include role play, speeches and debates, which are age specific activities that are intended to promote confidence and persuasion techniques. At the same time, we focus on developing the soft skills required in the field of communication.

Here at Words Worth, we promote learning through questioning and discovery, encouraging creativity, and developing alternate views; the English Language cannot be mastered in a rigid environment. Words Worth believes that through setting a context for students and enhancing their content and general knowledge, they will be effective users of the language. Opportunities are provided through ensuring a thematic approach which introduces content by means of books, magazines and video clips. This way, students are prompted to use their own thoughts, ideas and creative expression instead of regurgitating stock phrases for essays.

We intend to make learning authentic and meaningful for our students by incorporating movie snippets and songs into class activities, which evoke emotions and offer an alternate approach to creating content.  Our teachers provide specific and targeted feedback by giving personalised comments which facilitate the development of ideas.

Our aim is to create opportunities for creative content to ensure that students think artistically and independently, and can then pen their thoughts and ideas sequentially and succinctly. Students will then discover their passion for the English Language, speak grammatically, and translate this command onto paper.

We aim to ensure that every child leaves Words Worth knowing the true value and Worth of Words, and be able to use language passionately and intuitively by being sensitive to others.