Wordsworth Teachers Are Very Engaged And Involved

“My relationship with Scott’s teachers is very good. I must say they are very engaged, really involved in Scott on a personal level, making sure he understands the objectives, following up on the homework, making sure that he is stretched so that he learns but not to a point of frustration where he doesn’t want to come anymore.”

David Milroy
Parent of Scott Milroy, Aged 6

Vast Improvements In Confidence

“After coming here, what I realised was there was a vast improvement in her confidence; it was a very short period that we gave you all to help her, but what we saw was an improvement. I mean we are talking about double grades improvement.

As a parent there is no regret sending all my girls here. I’ve seen improvement from them in terms of their language skills, their concepts, and their writing which is very important because its not only English; the writing needs to be translated into to other subjects too.”

Anita Khotari
Parent of Divya Khotari

Ms Richa Was Open To Sharing And Listening

“Ms Richa took the time to get to know me and what kind of learner I was or what exactly I was lacking. Because of that the practice became more tailored to my needs so I wasn’t repetitively doing comprehension questions for the sake of doing comprehension questions.

During class we have very active discussions which widened my base of knowledge on global issues like politics or recent events and Ms Richa was quite open in not only sharing her own opinions but also open to listening to our opinions. Because of that I became more open to sharing my views on these world issues and I also started to use more real world events in my writing.”

Divya Kothari
Hwa Chong Institute
‘O’ Level 2017 (English Language, A1)

Organized, Thorough, And Professional In Every Way.

“Monica is organized, thorough, and professional in every way. I always enjoy working with her because she has a sense of humour but is also dependable and conscientious in her work.

Monica is very, very strong pedagogically and has always received very high evaluations from the students in courses we have taught together. She is fun, experienced, and honest with her students. She makes lessons relevant and understands the needs of students and the educational system in Singapore. Her professionalism and her experience are her biggest strengths. She is extremely hard working and takes very good care of her students while still demanding the best of them.

I believe Monica is a very gifted teacher who is able to establish great rapport with her students while also expecting the best from them. I have really enjoyed working with her and watching her teach.”

Dr Zachary M Walker
Assistant Professor of Inclusive Education and Special Needs
UCL Institute of Education
University College London

Mrs Menon Is A Wonderful Teacher

“Mrs Menon is a wonderful teacher. She makes sure she knows her students’ strengths and weaknesses and engages them in group discussions. She also updates parents regularly on the students’ performance and on what she has covered during the lessons. She is extremely meticulous in addressing gaps and breaks downs tasks and concepts so that students understand the important requirements. I am forever grateful to Mrs Menon for helping my son.”

Celena Tan, Parent of Ian
“O” Level Programme, St Patrick’s School

Mrs Menon Is Someone Who Doesn’t Just Teach You How To Get Past Mere Examinations In School

“Mrs Menon is someone who doesn’t just teach you how to get past mere examinations in school, but more so the ongoing examination of life and the several hurdles/tests we may face as students/teenagers. Despite teaching a group of 5-6 students, she is able to adapt immediately and keep track of students’ individual progress.

Her several years of experience in teaching English as well as working with various schools has led her to be knowledgeable in the type of questions that will be asked and more importantly, how to answer them.

Mrs Menon is aware of what schools desire from hopeful DSA students and she has prepared me in approaching these interviews based on past experiences working with different institutions. We are all diamonds but she’s manages to bring out the inner shine in us, slowly but surely she polishes each of her students to shine.”

VC, Head Prefect
Head Prefect
International Baccalaureate Programme
St Joseph’s Institution, Singapore