The English Language is a life skill. It is the first language component for the exams and the language of negotiations, persuasion, sales, and marketing: our curriculum is tailored to ensure that our students – notwithstanding their level of study – master these skills for life.

The 2020 EL Syllabus requires students to be “empathetic communicators, discerning readers and creative enquirers”. At Words Worth, we believe in empowering students so that they acquire the skills they need and are ready to progress on their own. Students can sign up for a minimum of 8 lessons and these lessons are customized in small groups.

Additionally, Words Worth prides itself with accommodating students with various Learning Needs. Our team is equipped with both knowledge and skills to accommodate diverse learning needs within a mainstream framework. Contact us if your child has a special requirement when learning and we will help customize a suitable language programme.