At Words Worth, we believe that learning the English Language is a life skill. It is the first language component for the exams and the language of negotiations, persuasion, sales and marketing.

We offer programmes catered to the PSLE, O Level, A Level (General Paper), IB and IGCSE. Words Worth is ahead of the curve in our approach to Teaching and Learning. With the changing EL Syllabus 2020, we are keeping up with the latest approaches.

In 2016, a record of 16 000 students applied for Direct School Admission. With so many students showcasing their specific skills and talents in the areas of Sports and Performing Arts, we believe that an added edge would be the ability to articulate those talents and skills and assure others that you are the best for the position.

For our Tuition and Enrichment programmes, some of our strategies for honing English Language skills include role play, speeches and debates, which are age specific activities that are intended to promote confidence and persuasion techniques.

We make learning authentic and meaningful for our students by incorporating movie snippets and songs into class activities, which evoke emotions and offer an alternate approach to creating content.  Our teachers provide specific and targeted feedback by giving personalised comments which facilitate the development of ideas.

Our aim is to create opportunities for creative content to ensure that students think artistically and independently, and can then pen their thoughts and ideas sequentially and succinctly. Students will then discover their passion for the English Language, and speak grammatical English in their daily lives, which will then translate to paper.