Monica Has Experience And Keen Mastery Of The English Language

“Monica has an experienced and keen mastery of the English language and it shows in her engagement with audiences for the training sessions that she leads in the region for teachers under our exam centres. Monica has deep experience working with teachers in Singapore, Indonesia and the region. She understands the challenges which teachers and school administrators face. There is a tremendous opportunity to develop teachers in the region and Monica has a strong passion for it.”

Justin Teo
Regional Operations Head
South East Asia and Pacific
Cambridge Assessment English
Part of University of Cambridge

Thank You Richa, For Sharing The Knowledge With Us

“Our teachers were really satisfied with the teaching techniques for young learners and young adults. Our teachers found it very practical and easily implemented. They gained fresh idea which they could apply immediately in their teaching and learning processes. We were all really satisfied with the workshop and we look forward to more. Thank you, Richa, for sharing the knowledge with us.”

Elyzabeth Immanual
Centre Manager
Briton International English School
Makassar, South Sulawesi

I Loved Everything About Monica’s Seminar

“I loved everything about Monica’s seminar on the use of ICT in Teaching and Learning. I observed how she presented the facts and created a very communicative environment. It was a wonderful experience and I especially enjoyed exploring “Socrative” and “Padlet” which I had only heard about but never used before. Monica showed us how to use them easily and effectively and ensured it was a hands-on and eye opening experience. I look forward to attending more of her sessions in the future.”

Wong Mei Yen
Director, Lexis Education
Kuala Lumpur

Richa Conducts Herself Professionally

“Richa conducts herself professionally and has good knowledge on her subject matter. She delivers her instructions clearly and has good pacing. She is reliable and punctual, and answers queries and concerns promptly.”

Manda Foo
Bollywood Adventures

Mrs Menon Knows What Makes The Classroom Tick

“Mrs Menon knows what makes the classroom tick, and her wealth of teaching strategies and expertise translates across subjects and disciplines. As my supervisor, Mrs Menon offered inclusive, practical advice on how to improve my lessons and better enact them in the classroom. More importantly, she goes into the “why” of it all – the heart of teaching – which always goes back to the students.

Above all, Mrs Menon is a mentor with a heart – warm, firm, kind and nurturing.”

Jenny Rays
Student Teacher
PDGE Programme
National Institute of Education (NIE)