Organized, thorough, and professional in every way.

“Monica is organized, thorough, and professional in every way. I always enjoy working with her because she has a sense of humour but is also dependable and conscientious in her work.

Monica is very, very strong pedagogically and has always received very high evaluations from the students in courses we have taught together.  She is fun, experienced, and honest with her students.  She makes lessons relevant and understands the needs of students and the educational system in Singapore. Her professionalism and her experience are her biggest strengths.  She is extremely hard working and takes very good care of her students while still demanding the best of them.

I believe Monica is a very gifted teacher who is able to establish great rapport with her students while also expecting the best from them.  I have really enjoyed working with her and watching her teach.”

Dr Zachary M Walker
Assistant Professor
Early Childhood and Special Needs Education (ECSE)
National Institute of Education

Mrs Menon knows what makes the classroom tick

“Mrs Menon knows what makes the classroom tick, and her wealth of teaching strategies and expertise translates across subjects and disciplines. As my supervisor, Mrs Menon offered inclusive, practical advice on how to improve my lessons and better enact them in the classroom. More importantly, she goes into the “why” of it all – the heart of teaching – which always goes back to the students.

Above all, Mrs Menon is a mentor with a heart – warm, firm, kind and nurturing.”

Jenny Rays
Student Teacher
PDGE Programme
National Institute of Education (NIE)