In as much as workshops and strategies are important in education, teaching materials are just as essential. A lesson is only as effective as the material used to teach it. Teachers need to create effective teaching materials Materials Design to ensure that students are learning to their maximum potential. Any tool used to convey information or test understanding is a teaching material. This broad category includes common classroom elements such as worksheets, videos, quizzes and activities.

When designing materials, teachers need to consider a number of factors. By taking time to consider educational goals—and ways to create and deliver materials appropriate to the specific body of students being taught—teachers will be more successful in creating quality teaching material that promotes learning.

Monica and Richa have been designing materials for schools and educational organisations for a number of years. Their materials are extremely popular with both parents and teachers because they are scaffold and encourage self-directed learning.

At Words Worth, all materials are prepared by the Words Worth team. None of the materials are from ready-made assessment books.

Schools that require our services can approach us for the following

Curriculum Design

Department Work Plans

Yearly Schemes of Work

Lesson Design for Specific Levels

Assessment Tasks and Rubrics