Our Vision

To be a one stop education consulting agency to provide support globally to educators, students, parents and stakeholders

Our Mission

To provide quality Teaching and Learning Programmes to students, teachers and parents at affordable rates because we are passionate about what we do

Our Approach

At Words Worth, we believe in providing 3 strands to our approach towards a holistic education – Our Tuition and Enrichment Programmes, Our Teacher Education andCorporate Training Programmes and Our Resource Planning and Materials Design Programmes.

All our materials are specially developed and customized for the various audiences and they can be used independently or to progressively improve skills.

We use a blended approach for our all our lessons. This means learning through questioning and discovery, and encouraging creativity, and accepting perspectives and alternate views. At the same time, we focus on developing the soft skills required in the field of communication. Words Worth believes that through setting a context for our audience (students, teachers, corporate organisations) and enhancing their content mastery and general knowledge, participants will be effective users of the language.

Opportunities are provided through ensuring a holistic and authentic approach which introduces content by means of a blended approach which can be achieved through face-to-face and online sessions. This way, participants are prompted to use their own thoughts, ideas and creative expression leading to a thinking community of people.